Planning a wedding can be overwhelming with so many bits and pieces to organise, family members to deal with and unexpected costs adding to the stress.

Luckily, if you choose the right wedding DJ, that’s one less thing to worry about – and it will make all the difference on the day when everyone is having a good time at the reception!

Below I’ve put together a list of questions you should consider when shopping around for a DJ:

Is the DJ professional? 

Are they serious about their work? Have they invested time and money into their photography, website and other marketing materials? Do they write/share useful content that shows they know their art?

Does the DJ specialise in any particular type of gigs?

It’s ok for a DJ to have a broad range of experience, but you want to make sure they have a proven track record in playing at weddings. A wedding gig is very different to a techno rave!

What are they like in person?

 Are they personable, trustworthy and approachable? You want someone who will be able to interact with your guests and the venue and be willing to step in to help should something go wrong.  

Do they have testimonials?

Check their website, Google and Facebook for reviews of the DJ’s work, or ask for testimonials/ references. Another good idea is to reach out to your network when making your shortlist for DJ recommendations.

How do they present themselves?

Are they well-groomed, stylish and presentable? Do they match the vibe you’d like at your wedding reception (both in terms of personality and appearance)?

What equipment do they use?

Ask the DJ to email details of their set up to you, including the brands they use, and show them to a friend that is clued on about sound/ PA. Getting the sound right is very important!

Do they have insurance?

Ask them for a copy of their professional indemnity insurance certificate. The wedding venue will request it anyway, but you should also ask for a copy.

Are they within your budget?

Make sure you get quotes from a few different DJs (at least three) - cheapest is not the best! Factor into your pricing the consultation that occurs before (meeting face-to-face one or two times), playlist creation, song purchases, etc.

Have you checked out their social media accounts?

You should take the same approach as if you were hiring an employee. Check out their social media accounts and compare it to their website – everything should be consistent. You want someone who is reliable and trustworthy.

Are they accommodating of your needs?

Make sure the DJ you select is flexible and accommodating to your needs, yet confident in making best practice recommendations.

Are they proactive?

The DJ should be proactive in contacting and visiting the wedding venue if they’ve not played there before, to ensure they get the set up right. If there any issues with set up, they should be able to offer solutions to the venue and you, the client!

With these tips, you should be confident that your wedding DJ choice is the right one for your big day.